The Benefits of Working With PanAmerican in Latin America

The population in Latin America is over 650 million, but accounts for only a fraction of the clinical research conducted worldwide. Leverage PanAmerican to access this population with less sites and more participants. PanAmerican ensures quality data with GCP trained investigators, smooth regulatory and customs approvals with in-country representatives, shorter timelines with experienced study startup operations and unique patient recruitment, and cost effectiveness commensurate with the region compared to the United States, European Union, or Asia-Pacific.

Other benefits of working with PanAmerican in Latin America

  • Access to treatment-naïve patients
  • Populations in all indications and all ages
  • High recruitment and retention
  • Substantial market potential for approved drugs
  • Simplified logistics offering easy access to US for travel and IP shipping
  • Same time zones as the US
  • Fluent in English & Spanish
  • Locations and personnel throughout Latin America, but US and FDA trained and run.
  • Developing products to improve and save lives has no borders